Supercharge Product Onboarding, Adoption & Learning

Turn your users into certified champions. Create your own Training Academy in less than 15 minutes, and start guiding your users to success.

At Last – An Easy to Use LMS!

It’s easy to get started, and ready for when you scale and your needs grow

Create Multi-Level Content Streams

Flexible to suit the way you work, and the way your users learn

Works with Intercom

For full visibility of the user journey with centralized, in-sync communication

With Igniterr, you’ll better understand your users and how to help them be successful

Product-Led Training Academy

An embedded, high quality Customer Education Experience adds massive value to your product and business. Consider the following.


Enjoy 25-95% increase in profits when you increase your customer retention rates by 5%. Igniterr helps educate users on your value proposition, reducing churn and increasing customer retention.


60-70% success rate when selling to an existing customer vs 5-20% selling to a new customer. Use Igniterr’s metrics to identify users ready for upsell into more advanced feature sets.


Acquiring new customers can cost 5x more than retaining existing ones. Igniterr promotes product-led, self serve training and education. Grow your user base by discovering and rewarding your product ambassadors.

Igniterr Is A Leading Customer Training Platform

Create Certified Experts

Deliver product training courses and certification at scale. Enable your Customer Success team to automate repetitive onboarding sessions and focus on delivering value through great customer experiences.

Focus Your Team On What Matters

When you know exactly where your users are in their journey, you can target them appropriately. Focus your efforts for maximum impact and traction as you educate and inspire.

Lives Inside Your Product

Users don’t have to leave your product to access training and learning content. Igniterr is embedded inside your product, providing a seamless experience with no additional logins or signup needed.

Talks To Your Tech Stack

Igniterr integrates with support platforms like Intercom, opening up data sharing of your LMS metrics. Progress metrics are shared between systems, giving Customer Success teams full visibility on specific user training needs.

Experience the Power & Simplicity of Igniterr

The best way to experience Igniterr is through a free trial. If you prefer a guided tour, please reach out.

product academy user interface


Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your own branded, integrated training portal is straightforward, and you’ll quickly start to see value as you educate, inform and engage your users.
As you get started, here’s some questions we often hear from customers.

How long does it take to implement Igniterr?

Implementing Igniterr is straightforward. Once you have your training content organised, you can create a course and launch it in less than 15 minutes. We’ll provide you with setup guides to walk you through the process. If you’re launching a training portal for the first time, we recommend planning out your goals, content plan and rollout. This can be phased, with content released on Igniterr as you go.

What types of content can I upload?

Videos are the primary form of training content, and are the most effective. You record these using a product like Loom, Vimeo or YouTube and add the links to Igniterr. You can also link to website articles, PDFs or other online references to guide users on their journey and enhance the learning experience.

What insights do I have to help educate users of our product?

Using the administration centre, you’ll be able to see each user’s progress through your Training Academy, and analyze, report and reward progress. And when used with our Intercom plugin, you’ll have complete visability over when your users viewed and completed course modules. Give your Customer Success team next level insights!

Watch The Product Tour

We’ll demonstrate the key features of Igniterr, and how it seamlessly integrates with your product


US$99/mo for 100 users

Create your own LMS or Training Academy. Easily add more users as you grow product usage and adoption.

  • Unlimited Courses & Modules
  • User Management Console
  • Embedded in your Product
  • Intercom Integration
  • User Metrics
  • Add additional users at any time


When you need thousands of users or a special implementation of our LMS, please contact us with your requirements. We’ll price a customized subscription model.